Kim’s Bio

Kim Henderson McAndrew is a mom, Paralegal for The Discovery Channel and a huge nerd. The day her Dad took her to see “Star Wars” was the day her nerd life began. She loves nerdy fashion, everyday cosplay in particular.  Her main fandoms are Marvel, Star Wars and the Arthurian Legend. When she isn’t working, helping with homework or going to a con, you can find her working on a new cosplay with her twelve year old daughter.  You can follow her on Instagram and Twitter @kimapult. You can follow Kim and her daughter on @9oclockbedtimecosplay on Instagram and Facebook.  Follow Kim on Medium for more articles*.  *Please note, the articles are not all ages.

Scout’s Bio

Scout McAndrew is a 6th grader, 12 years old and a huge nerd. When not attending the latest con and planning her next cosplay, Scout is busy with her studies in the magnet program at her school and taking saxophone lessons. Her chief fandoms are Marvel, Pokemon and Star Wars.  She is obsessed with musicals, “Hamilton” in particular.  She knows ALL the words! You can follow her on Instagram @scouwoot023.  You can follow her and her mom on @9oclockbedtimecosplay on Instagram and Facebook.