Outfit of the Day: Bandana Print Cap Dress

Our latest outfit of the day is a fun new dress I got at thinkgeek.com.


The dress is super comfortable for summer, made of super stretchy spandex and the print is super cute!

The bandana style print with cap shields and Cap faces integrated into the design is a nice subtle way to sport your fandom.

It is a skater-style dress, but the length is to the knee, which is way more versitile than the usual super-short skaters.  The dress is also size-inclusive, offered up to 3XL.

I love styling the dress with a bandana neck scarf or wrist scarf, and a fun belt to show off your waist.  I also make sure the wear my new creepers with everything I can, including this dress!


We’ve still got some warm days ahead of us before the weather turns cold, so go get yours!

Love, Kim and Scout

Outfit of the Day: Doctor Strange Everyday Cosplay

For our latest outfit of the day, we wanted to show you a great everyday cosplay dress from Living Dead Clothing.

20170802_171234 (1)

I paired this dress with a dolman from Amazon.


I love the details on this dress!  From the Eye of Agamotto, the Cloak of Levitation and the belts and folds on the good doctor’s robes, Living Dead didn’t miss a beat.

20170802_171115 (1)

The spandex is heavy duty and and holds up well.  The cut is comfy.  My only complaint is that the dress only goes up to XL.  Living Dead is usually more size inclusive than this.  Sometimes they go up to 3XL with their pieces, but unfortunately not this time.

20170802_171356 (1)

The XL fits on me a bit snug, but it fits.  I wear a size 18/20 for reference.  As with all of their other dresses, regardless of size, these are true skater dress, aka they are short.  Leggings or biker shorts will be required.

This dress is a great everyday cosplay option for fans of The Sorcerer Supreme.  Get your own here.

Love, Kim and Scout

Outfit of the Day: Spiderman Goth Dresses

Our next outfit of the day is from Her Universe.


These cute dresses are Spiderman themed with the spiderman stretch lace over a red bodice and a cute sequined spider on the shoulder.  We also think these are great goth looking dresses for Halloween as well.


We purchased these at the Her Universe store at SDCC, but they are available on their website.

As always, Her Universe sizing is kind of all over the place.  I got a 4X in this dress, so I have items from Universe from a size XL all the way up to 4X now.  I’m a size 18/20 for reference.  This is super frustrating, so let’s hope they keep working on the sizing issue.  A big part of the problem is that these are junior sizes, not women’s sizes.  So a 3X in Her Universe on the site versus a size 3 at Torrid of the same dress will fit differently.  So, my advice, check the size charts and go by your measurements.  Scout got a medium.



We really love these dresses and can’t wait to wear them often this Halloween season, which are high-holy days for us!

Next up, some great new everyday cosplay items and a great new Marvel Legends buy for Guardians of the Galaxy!

Until next time.

Love, Kim and Scout

Outfit of the Day: Patriotic Cardigan from Elhoffer Design

For our latest outfit of the day, we are featuring our Patriotic Cardigans from Elhoffer Design.


This cardigan has a vintage cropped cut that is universally flattering.

The sweater is super soft and comfy.  A perfect choice for bounding either Captain America or Wonder Woman.


I’ve paired mine with my Cap leggings from Gold Bubble Clothing.  Scout paired hers with black leggings, and we both wore black t-shirts.  My trusty tall boots are from Lane Bryant, and Scout’s silver sneakers are from Target.  We both wore a red chiffon scarf to give it a vintage style.  The scarves are from Amazon.


Get your own cardi at Elhoffer Design.  As always with Elhoffer, these are size inclusive.  Women’s sizing, not Juniors, XS-3XL, but supplies are limited, so grab yours while they are in stock!

Love, Kim and Scout

Outfit of the Day: Guardians of the Galaxy Fashions

For our latest outfit of the day, we wanted to celebrate the release of “Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2” today with some Guardians fashions.

First up I used my cosplay t-shirt and built an everyday outfit around it.

Star Lord t-shirt from redbubble.com.  Necklaces are not exact replicas, but close to the ones he wears in the film.  I found pendants at an accessory store that looked close and put them on black cords.  Walkman is a lucky find on Ebay.  Rocket is a new addition at Build a Bear Workshops.  I paired the t-shirt with a black pencil skirt from Amazon and wore my Chuck Taylors with it.

My next outfit features my t-shirt acquisition from Red Chapter.

Again, I paired the t-shirt with a pencil skirt from Amazon and my Converse.  I also added my Awesome Mix Volume One cassette necklace from thinkgeek.com.

Next up is this fantastic 80’s style t-shirt from Box Lunch.  Scarf is from Amazon.  I’ve had the gloves so long, I can’t remember where I got them, but I found some just like them on Amazon.


Last outfit is this wonderful pin-up dress with little raccoons all over it.  It is just the cutest thing ever!


Here is a close-up of the print and bag:

Dress is from City Chic.  Denim jacket from Torrid.  Petticoat is from Amazon.  Saddle Shoes are from Payless.  Bag is from Hot Topic.

We’ve given you guys tons of great ideas of what to wear to the flick this weekend!  We will see you there!

Love, Kim and Scout

Outfit of the Day: Ghostbuster Cardis

For our next outfit of the day, we are featuring our Ghostbuster cardis from Elhoffer Design.

We both wore our cardis to the kiddo’s birthday trip to Sea World recently.


Scout accessorized hers with some Holtzmann glasses, available from Amazon.  I added an old Ghostbuster t-shirt from Old Navy and my “Screw U” necklace from Etsy.

We had a great day at Sea World and even had close encounters with the penguins!


We got to meet a Macaroni Penguin (there is a type of penguin known as the macaroni penguin, who knew?).  He was adorable and actually escorted us up to the penguin enclosure.  It was an amazing experience.


Coming up next, we are prepping for WonderCon 2017!

Until next time…

Love, Kim and Scout

Outfit of the Day: Hogwarts Dresses

For our next outfit of the day, we continue to visit our wardrobe from London.  Next up are our Hogwarts dresses from Hot Topic.  Get yours here.


These dresses are super comfortable.  You just throw it on with your favorite boots, and you are good to go.  I love the detail of Hogwarts castle on the skirt as well as the Peter Pan collar with embroidered details.

The dresses are available all the way up to 5 plus size, which is fantastic!  I’m wearing a size 3, which is an 18/20 equivalent.  Scout is wearing a medium.


As always with Hot Topics new dresses, they have the junior’s line up to 2XL and in addition they have plus sizes up to size 5.  The plus size 2 will be a little bigger than the junior’s 2XL, FYI.

We are also showing off our new wand holsters from Etsy.

I love how Hot Topic has included the plus sizes right on the website with the junior’s sizes.  This makes shopping much easier for me since I now have to buy two of everything.  We used to have to order one dress from Hot Topic and hope that Torrid carried the same style.  If they did, then order it from Torrid.  The Torrid collections always took months longer to be available as well, which was very frustrating.  Thanks for streamlining the fashion choices, Hot Topic!

We also got the Deathly Hallows coats, which I am modeling in this picture, and Scout got her new cloak.  Both available at Hot Topic as well.  Get them here.


The cloak is super cute, and Scout has taken to wearing it everywhere.  The Deathly Hallows coats are super comfy, with a little spandex in the fabric for stretch.  Wand pockets included, natch.  Our only complaint about this coat is it is super lightweight.  It is really more of a jacket weight than a coat weight, so keep that in mind when deciding to purchase.


Like the dresses, the coats are available all the way up to size 5.  I am wearing a size 3 in this coat as well.  Scout has on a small/medium cloak.  The cloaks go up to Large/XLarge, but they are roomy as a cloak should be.


Next up, it will be time to start talking cosplay for WonderCon, which is less than a month away!

Happy shopping!

Love, Kim and Scout