Fashion Alert: Pride and Prejudice and Zombies Collection at Hot Topic

The new movie, “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies” is set to open today in theatres.  To celebrate, Hot Topic has introduced a special collection of clothing and lingerie inspired by the film.

Photo: Hot Topic                                  Lead Photo: Lionsgate

Take a look at the collection and order it here:

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies Collection

I’m in love with several of these pieces, but I’m especially tempted by this dress:

Photo: Hot Topic

Price points are reasonable and the sizing is fantastic!  Most items go all the way up to 3X!  I love how Hot Topic is including plus sizes in most of their clothing these days.

See you at the movies and happy shopping!

Love, Kim and Scout

Outfit of the Day #5

For our latest Outfit of the Day, we chose the Captain America pin-up style dress from Hot Topic and Torrid by Her Universe.  This dress was designed by one of the winners of the first ever Her Universe Fashion Show that has now become tradition at San Diego Comic Con.

Here are a couple of fun pictures of the dress taken by Justin Davidson Photography.

_JDP4462 _JDP4468

For the professional photos, I went full-on 50s with saddle shoes and all, but everyday wear, I wear it with tall boots and a sweater like these photos show:

kimapultme and toni

As you can see from the picture with The Herald of Geek above, we had the start of an Avengers pin-up team going!

The fit of the dress is pretty standard.  The satin material does not have any stretch, but the back has elastic at the top, so there is room for movement.  I’m wearing a 2X from Hot Topic, but you can get larger sizes from Torrid.  Here are the links to both stores:

Torrid Cap Dress

Hot Topic Dress

The shield prop was a lucky find at a Con, but I found one similar here:

Cap Shield

The photos were taken by Justin Davidson Photography.  Book him here:

Justin Davidson Photography

Happy Shopping!

Love, Kim and Scout

Outfit of the Day #4

Our fourth outfit of the day is actually two outfits.  The first is a t-shirt and skirt from Her Universe.  The second is a dress, also from Her Universe, sold at Torrid stores.  Both outfits are a celebration of Star Wars fandom with an emphasis on the light saber.

Here is the first outfit:

20160124_162336-1 (1)


The petticoat is not included with the skirt.  This was my own addition.  I got the petticoat at a dance supply shop online.  Buy one of your own here:

If you want to get a petticoat in black, white or red, save a little money and go to a Halloween Store and get it.  Same thing, just lower cost.

The bowler hat with ears is a find from Forever 21, which unfortunately no longer carries it.  However, I tracked down a similar one here:

Then bobby socks and a pair of Chuck Taylors and you’re done!  This is a great Con going outfit, date outfit or just everyday cosplay outfit.  As a bonus, the t-shirt glows in the dark.  Here is a more up close picture of the shirt:


Pick up these items at Her Universe.  Here is the link to the skirt:

The skirt has absolutely no stretch, so at least one size bigger than you usually do in Her Universe wear.  I am wearing a 4x.  Just remember, no one is going to check the size of your clothes.  It is just a number.  Get what fits well and is comfortable.  Don’t get all hung up on a number on a label nobody will ever see.

Here is the link to the shirt:

The sizing is pretty standard on the t-shirt.  Get whatever size you usually get in Her Universe wear.  I’m wearing a 2x.

The other version of the light saber skirt is actually a dress from Her Universe for Torrid.  I have not found a standard size version of this dress, so we plus sizes have one up for a change.  This is much less pin-up looking, so you can really 50s it up or not, depending on where you want to wear it.  The first version is with the petticoat and Chuck Taylors.  You can also pair it with saddle shoes for an extra vintage look.  It looks like this:


Here’s some up close pics of the necklace and the skirt itself:


The necklace is actually an earring that I turned into a pendant.  I’m not much for dangly earrings, so I bent the fish hook post into a loop and put it on a chain.

Now, if you want to wear this dress to work or to a more conservative function, you can pair it with some boots and lose the petticoat like I’ve done here:


I wear this look to work all the time.  It is super comfortable and the cotton is lightweight for summer as well.  Get one of these dresses here:

I get more compliments on both of these outfits, especially from the gents.  My favorite compliment was actually the day I took these pictures.  “That dress is what is happening today!”  Love that!

Happy Shopping and May the Force Be With You!

Love, Kim and Scout

Fashion Alert: New Barbies

Big news today in toyland.  Mattel announced ahead of the upcoming New York Toy Fair that Barbie dolls will now be available in the original body type and three new body types.  The new body types are: curvy, petite and tall.  This is the biggest change to the doll in its almost 60 year history.  Here is a picture of them in all their wonderful glory:

screen shot 2016-01-28 at 10.22.36 am
(Photos by Mattel)

As you can see from the picture, in addition to new body types, the dolls are also available in different races with different hair colors and eye colors to choose from.  This picture is not a complete look at the new dolls.  There are literally dozens of different dolls to choose from now with these changes.

Furthermore, these dolls aren’t “Barbie’s friends”, they are “Barbie”.  Period.  End of story.  This is such great news!  I know she’s a doll, but now she’s a doll that ALL little kids can identify with and enjoy on a whole other level because she looks like them!

Kudos to Mattel for this wonderful change!  Here’s a link to the Mattel shop so you can pre-order a Barbie made in your image for yourself.

Mattel Pre-Order Page

Happy shopping!

Love, Kim and Scout

Raising a Geek: Part One- Introducing Your Young Geek to Fandoms

While this post isn’t expressly about fashion, it is about geekdom and raising up a new generation of geeks.  Part of that is teaching the kids about loving what you love without apology.  This confidence leads into body confidence and self-love, which will serve them well in the future.  Not to mention, you and your son or daughter can share great experiences in geekdom for years to come.

I have a nine year old daughter and she is thankfully into the exact same fandoms as I am.  I introduced her at a young age.  Every parent and every kid is different, so it up to you as to when and how to introduce your youngling into a fandom.  For me, I started with the fandom that started my life as a geek, Star Wars.

When I noticed that she could sit through a movie at home- that was when I introduced her to the Star Wars universe.  We started with Episode Four and took it from there.  I was also lucky in that “The Clone Wars” was on television at the time.  This was a great way to share a new part of the fandom with her.

If you decide that you want to share a fandom with your kid, I suggest you find something where you can get excited about the new stuff together.  The Marvel universe has any number of ways to do this.  Animated series, leading to the feature films, weekly dramas, and of course comic books!  This is also a great way to get them excited about reading and will help with homework.  Get homework out of the way, and then you can watch this week’s “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.”

If you find that your kid is really into it, then you can explore going to Cons and maybe even cosplay, which I will discuss in a later post.

I’ve found that sharing this enthusiasm for geek culture has brought my daughter and I closer together.  She has a confidence and spirit that is amazing for a nine year old.  I feel like geek culture has given her that.  Kids are lucky these days since geekdom is more mainstream.  They don’t get the heat like we used to.  They can proudly wear their fandoms quite literally on their sleeves and not get bullied about it.  If they do get bullied, they will find back-up on the school yard from any number of kids that are into it as well.

We are also lucky in that we have several strong women characters to refer to when teaching our kids strength and confidence.  Showing them that beauty comes from their strength and ability to take care of themselves, not fitting into a certain jeans size.  Makes a Mom’s job easier.

Next time, I’ll discuss taking geekdom up a notch and taking your kid to a Con.  There is planning that must be done, Moms.  Until next time….

Love, Kim and Scout

Outfit of the Day #3

Our third Outfit of the Day is one of my favorite types of everyday cosplay, what I call the “uniform dress”.  I will write a longer post about the uniform dress and my obsession with it later, but for now let’s focus on this fantastic Black Widow dress from Here are a couple of pictures we took with props because basically we’re a couple of goobers with a selfie stick and we’re not afraid to use it!


Here are some pics showing the dress in more detail:


There are a lot of details on this dress from the stingers on the long sleeves to the S.H.I.E.L.D. logo on the sleeve.

20160116_125401 (1)

Scout is wearing a small and I’m wearing a 3X.  I’m a size 18/20 for reference.  I can usually pull off a 2X in dresses like these, but I also prefer a little breathing room if they make the dress in a larger size.  The fit is comfortable, and I really like the length.  It isn’t super short, so you don’t have to wear leggings with it.  All in all, for the price, it’s pretty bad-ass!



One thing to remember with this type of dress, make sure you wash it inside out to keep the design on the dress for as long as possible and wash in cold water.  I never dry mine in the dryer either.  This will shrink in a major way in the dryer.  Also be ready for little cracks to appear in the design.  The design is printed on the fabric, not woven in.

Basically, it is a fun casual or everyday cosplay dress to add to your wardrobe for cosplay parties and cons.

You can get one of your own here: 

The prop guns are from Disgruntled Veteran on Etsy.  He is amazing at making convention safe and approved props.

Buy them here:

Shield is a lucky find at a con, but I found one that is similar here:

Happy Shopping!

Love, Kim and Scout