Raising a Geek: Letting your Geek Flag Fly vs. Fitting In

Recently, I realized as a geek parent, who is proud to be a geek, that raising a geeky kid has some challenges as she gets older.

As the kiddo approaches teenager status, she’s started to struggle with, “what the other kids are doing” more and more.  This was expected, but nonetheless, I was a bit unprepared for this new phase of her life when it actually happened.


It all started this past month while she was packing for her first trip to sleepover camp.  She took charge and got the list and began to pack, but as she did, I noticed that she was concerned about her sheets and her comforter.  At our house, they are Marvel, naturally, but a bit more generic at her father’s apartment.  The ones at her dad’s won a trip to camp.  Then her pajamas, and her t-shirts faced new scrutiny.  “What if I wear a Spiderman shirt to camp and none of the other girls are wearing Marvel shirts?!”

You may think, “Whatever!  Wear what you want!”  This would have been her answer a couple of summers ago, but not now.  This may seem to be such a non-issue, but when you are 11, it is everything.


So, as a parent that trumpets body positivity and confidence on a blog no-less, and someone who has always done her own thing, how do you reconcile this issue?  How do you be a good parent, but teach your kid at the same time to be confident and themselves?

It’s a tricky thing.  My best answer, and what I will be doing, is to be a support system at all times.  If they want to wear what everyone else is wearing, then fine.  A tween and a teen’s comfort in social situations is crucial right now.  Allow them to be comfortable.  Their individuality will show its face again, don’t you worry.  Once they get settled into the new school and meet new friends, then that special style will shine through.


So, I didn’t freak when she wanted to leave the Marvel at home for camp.  Who cares?  It’s fine.  She relaxed and had a great time at camp instead of constantly worrying about being made fun of because she likes “nerdy things” or “boy things”.  She has the ability to stand up for herself and express herself, but sometimes it is just easier to be comfy.  And comfy is OK.  As a parent, make sure they know that.  Don’t be judgmental.  They get enough of that at school, at camp, at swim team, etc.

I know from talking to other parents, that the kiddo it looked up to by many a kid for her style and her confidence.  That will bounce right back in time.  Especially if you are that safety net for her.  You are support.  When she decides to take a chance and wear something unique and different; you are there to support her and encourage that courageous move.  On the other end of it, be there and let her know that it is OK to be safe and comfortable amongst her peers.


Anyway, that’s my two cents.  What do my fellow ‘rents think?  Sound off in the comments!

Next time, more fashions and a fun unboxing of a Marvel Legends product!

Love, Kim and Scout

*Pro photos by Justin Davidson Photography and York In a Box (see watermarks)

Outfit of the Day: Patriotic Cardigan from Elhoffer Design

For our latest outfit of the day, we are featuring our Patriotic Cardigans from Elhoffer Design.


This cardigan has a vintage cropped cut that is universally flattering.

The sweater is super soft and comfy.  A perfect choice for bounding either Captain America or Wonder Woman.


I’ve paired mine with my Cap leggings from Gold Bubble Clothing.  Scout paired hers with black leggings, and we both wore black t-shirts.  My trusty tall boots are from Lane Bryant, and Scout’s silver sneakers are from Target.  We both wore a red chiffon scarf to give it a vintage style.  The scarves are from Amazon.


Get your own cardi at Elhoffer Design.  As always with Elhoffer, these are size inclusive.  Women’s sizing, not Juniors, XS-3XL, but supplies are limited, so grab yours while they are in stock!

Love, Kim and Scout

SDCC Recap: New Wave Avengers Cosplay

For our last SDCC recap, we wanted to share our latest cosplay, New Wave Avengers.


This cosplay was thought up in about five minutes in our local JC Penney.  We were headed back to the car after getting our nails done and there were bright sport coats on sale at the store.  One blue and one red.  Scout said, “We could do Avenger suits!”  Those sportcoats didn’t fit either of us, but an idea was born!

After spending an afternoon on Amazon, I got everything sent to us on Prime and just in time for SDCC.

So, a quick breakdown of the pieces…  Sportcoats here, shirts here and ties here.  All on Amazon.  The Stark Glasses also on Amazon here.  The stars and stripes glasses from Target.  The buttons are from Cons we’ve attended over the years.  Pair all this with black leggings.  White sneakers are the classic styles from Reebok.  The Stark gloves from Amazon.  The shield is a Marvel Legends shield, which is really hard to find these days, but cosplaysky.com has a similar one.


Finally, our make-up is from Dollar Tree.  No, really.


I have to admit, we both really like these eye shadows and lipstick.  We are both still using them!


All these amazing photos are by Justin Davidson Photography.  As always, we cannot recommend him highly enough!  Book him here.  You will not be disappointed!

Until next time…

Love, Kim and Scout

Elhoffer Design Pop-Up at The Galaxy of Comics This Weekend!

The kid and I will be helping out at The Galaxy of Comics this weekend for the Elhoffer Pop Up Shop.  Please come by and say, “Hi!” and take home some great geek bounding items!

galaxy pop up

Love, Kim and Scout

SDCC Recap: Report from the Floor and The Haul!

OK, this year’s SDCC didn’t disappoint in the merchandise realm at all!  We scored many things we had to have that we didn’t know we needed, so that is Con success!

Lego Batman is now protecting the LA Sanctum (aka home), but first he wanted to hold Lego hands.  :Click:

My favorite item from the Con this year?  My “This is Fine” dog.  That meme has become a big go-to for me, so I love having him around the house.

We also stomped the floor a bit and got some great photo ops:

We ran into Deadpool giving maximum effort as well:

Friday of SDCC, we participated in our third SDCC Marvel Group Photo:


Here’s the Iron Man group with Scout:


And the Cap group with me:


More on our “New Wave Avengers” cosplays later.  The photo shoot is always a great opportunity to meet up and say hello to friends that you only get to see once a year. Here’s a shot from the cosplayers point-of-view:


It is always crazy and always so much fun!  We had a blast hanging out with everyone.

On our way out, I spotted these great cosplayers and had to snap a final pic!


We had a great time at nerd camp, as always!  Catch ya next year, SDCC!


Next time, our new cosplay!

Until then…

Love, Kim and Scout

Fashion Alert: New Elhoffer Design Pre-Order Items

Elhoffer Design has some great new items up for pre-sale.  With Elhoffer Design, the overall amount of sizes ordered depends on the interest in the pre-sale, so if you want any of these items, then pounce!

Potter Inspired and Anglophile Items

First up are the Loony and Serpent Slayer cardis:

Both cardis are a vintage-style silhouette, which are universally flattering.  Elhoffer Design also carries all of their items size inclusive, up to 3XL.  The sizes are women’s and not junior’s sizing as well, so a 3XL is a true 3XL.  I should know, that is the size I wear in her clothes.  I wear a size 18/20 for reference.

Elhoffer also has a dolman sweater inspired by Fantastic Beasts and a very cute Union Jack cardi.

Star Wars Inspired Items

Next up are some Star Wars inspired items:

The Scavenger Vest has attached arm warmers and is super-soft.  The General cape comes in two colors, brown and grey, and is one size fits all.  Both items are great for casual cosplay or bounding.

All items are available at special pre-order prices now at elhofferdesign.com.  Make sure you order them now before the prices go up and to make sure you get the size you want.

Until next time…

Love, Kim and Scout

*All photos: elhofferdesign.com

** I am the Administrations Manager for elhofferdesign.com

SDCC Recap: John Barrowman’s Tardis Dress

For our first recap, we are taking a look at John Barrowman’s Tardis cosplay dress designed by Elhoffer Design.


John’s dress is super cute and was a huge hit at SDCC.

Because response was so overwhelmingly postitive, Elhoffer Design has made a dress available for pre-orders.


The dress is, as with all Elhoffer Designs, super stretchy and comfortable and flattering to all body types.  The dress is size-inclusive in women’s sizes up to 3XL.

If you would like a dress of your own, then jump on it and order it here.

Pre-orders determine how many of each size will be ordered, so if you want to make sure you get one, you have to pre-order it.  Also, the pre-order price is discounted a bit.

Until next time…

Love, Kim and Scout

*Photos: elhofferdesign.com